Shocking Story How Patient Died While Looking for a ‘Bed Space’ at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital

A pretty Nigerian woman has left many people shocked after she narrated how her friend died in LUTH while looking for a ‘bed space’. 

Somachi ChrisAsoluka shared the touching story
A Nigerian woman by name, Somachi ChrisAsoluka has narrated the sad story how she lost a family friend due to the unprofessional conduct of incompetent officials at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.
Somachi writing on Twitter mourned the death of her friend identified as Ohax who died because there was no bed space at LUTH.
She wrote: “My family friend has just died. He was rushed to LUTH but there was no “bed space”. When a spot was found, there were “no consultants”. Nigeria won’t kill us. How do we translate our outrage to change? What is wrong with this sick country?! What must happen for things to change?
How can we all be calmly waiting in line to be killed by this country? I’ve never been more fed up. It’s impossible to escape the hopelessness of Nigeria. Nothing can protect you. Not your job.  Not your parents. Not your bank accounts. Nigeria will get you somehow, someday. Bet.
I’m devastated. That boy was the sweetest person I knew. Now his life has been squashed because of a country who won’t help but instead would go out of its way to harm you. Nigeria won’t even let us be. Nigeria will intrude & interrupt our lives to disrupt everything we hold dear
Rest In Peace dearest Ohax. You were everything. So much sunshine in one body. Rest well.”
Nigerians didn’t waste time to lambast the government and its agencies over the poor manner the masses are treated especially in government-owned establishments. Many believe it is because of this insensitive attitude that has forced people to travel abroad for a better service.”


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