Shocking Revelation: Call Made 29 Minutes Before US President, JFK Was Shot Dead Warning of ‘Big News’

A new revelation has shown how a call was made just twenty-nine minutes before John F. Kennedy was killed warning of some tragedy about to happen.

John F. Kennedy
Explosive files have revealed that a harrowing phone call was made to a Brit newspaper telling them about some “big news” in the US – only minutes before JFK was gunned down.
According to Daily Star UK, the incredible secret document reveals an anonymous caller rang the Cambridge News at 6.05pm on November 22, and told a reporter to contact the US embassy in London.
Within 30 minutes John F. Kennedy would be killed after being shot in the head.
The classified report for the Director of the FBI was sent on November 23, one day after the President was murdered.
It read: “The British Security Service (MI5) has reported that at 6.05pm on November 22 an anonymous telephone call was made in Cambridge, England, to the senior reporter of the Cambridge News.
“The caller said only that the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news then hung up.
“The important point is that the call was made, according to MI5 calculations, about 25 minutes before the President was shot.
“The Cambridge reporter had never received a call of this kind before and mI5 state that he is known to them as a sound and loyal person with no security record.”
It is widely accepted that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in planing and killing JFK in Dallas, Texas.
But before Oswald could face trial he was himself shot dead by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.
The killer’s death has since sparked numerous conspiracy theories, some of which hint that Oswald did not act alone.
President Trump has released many of the Kennedy files, but held back from disclosing all of the documents.


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