Religious Fanatics in North East Nigeria

Latest acts of violence, fanatical hatred and intolerance notably throughout Northern Nigeria needs to be of concern to considerate and peace loving Muslims throughout the nation. The historical past of Islam in Nigeria has been stained with a lot blood that any Muslim who, by some stretch of creativeness nonetheless maintains that Islam is a faith of peace ought to start to take care of this harsh and threatening actuality. It has change into more and more tough to entertain the notion that Islam is a faith of peace. Inform that to the households who beloved had been not too long ago killed by muslim fanatics in Niger, Kano or Abuja. It’s changing into a commonplace notion that Islam is a faith of violence or that Islam evokes concern, power and hatred throughout the nation. Suspicion and distrust appear to changing into the defining traits of Muslim–non Muslim relationship within the nation.
Actually, this 12 months, there’s hardly any week that passes with out some act of violence or destruction by ‘suspected Muslim fanatics’ someplace within the nation.  Most of those savage acts happen in Northern Nigeria and so they replicate negatively on the way in which Islam is perceived throughout the nation and the world. Although the federal authorities has been preventing to neutralize Boko Haram militancy, these retailers of hate, loss of life and destruction are nonetheless killing and maiming individuals. Boko Haram militancy has in truth metastasized and as we speak one hardly differentiates between the killings which might be perpetrated by herdsmen and the fear that’s unleashed by Boko Haramites. There’s a lot commonality between acts which might be perpetrated by ‘Muslim youths’ and the bloodletting actions of those peddlers of Islamic hate and hurt. Actually the Boko haram militancy has morphed into ‘Muslim youth’ or ‘Fulani’ herdsmen assaults. One seldom differentiates sharia police extremism and Boko Haram fanaticism. Horrific cases abound of those marauding ravenous monsters.


Just lately there have been reported acts of violence by ‘Muslim youths’ throughout the area. It’s both  they’re protesting blasphemies towards Islam or Prophet Muhammad, or they’re reacting angrily to acts that violate the Ramadan or they’re incensed that non Muslims are preaching or working towards their religion as in the latest case.
The newest report says that on Friday July 13 2016,‘irate Muslim youths’ attacked and destroyed a catholic church in Baki Iku in Niger State. These youths, numbering over 200, stormed the church constructing; a few of them scaled the wall, after their Jumat prayer and attacked members who had been praying on the church. They claimed that Fridays had been for Islamic prayers and that the worshippers had the fitting to worship solely on Sundays. They beat up and injured the church employees and chased away the worshippers. The police claimed that that they had made arrests and pledged to convey the perpetrators of this act of violence to guide. Sadly, this is able to possible be the tip of the matter. Like   in most incidents of violence, vandalism and arson by ‘Muslim youths’ in Northern Nigeria, the perpetrators would go unpunished. Sadly, ‘Muslim youths’ who commit related or worse crimes are hardly prosecuted for his or her crimes. Police might make arrests, if in any respect, however that’s often a stopgap measure to create the impression that one thing is being accomplished. After some time, the suspects are launched and ‘regular’ life goes on. I imply there’s a lot impunity within the land. We can not proceed like this. One thing needs to be accomplished
The Islamic group should do extra to rein in these militants and fight the actions of extremists of their communities whether or not these fanatics are members of Boko Haram, or they’re Fulani herdsmen, or members of the Sharia police or ‘Muslim youths’. All these shades of Muslim extremism have to be tackled and defeated.
To all of the Sheikhs, Ulama, Imam and others who declare to be the religious, mental and ethical leaders of the Ummah in Northern Nigeria, you should start to acknowledge that there’s a major problem in your Islamic home and group. It’s best to make sure that mosques are not locations the place assaults and killings are deliberate, and that Jumat prayers or any of such actions usually are not used to incite violence and hatred. You shouldn’t solely be heard of or seen protesting when Muhammad is cartooned or a Quran is burnt or a magnificence pageant is staged. You need to be seen equally marching on the streets and protesting when ‘Muslim youths’ assault and burn down church buildings or kill blasphemers as a result of these acts of violence, hatred and intolerance are giving Islam a foul identify and picture. Those that preserve that Islam just isn’t a faith of peace say so not as a result of they hate the Islamic religion, however due to the hateful behaviours of some muslims in the direction of others.  Individuals say that Islam just isn’t a faith of peace not due to what non muslims do to muslims however resulting from what muslims do to non muslims as on this case.
So once you refuse to talk out or stand by whereas Muslim youths launch assaults after Jumat prayers at your mosques, it’s tough to low cost that you’re not aiding and abetting their legal behaviours. While you use your preachings to incite hatred, you’re complicity to the atrocities they commit. I wish to take Islamic politicians and intellectuals from Northern Nigeria to job. Lots of you’ve contributed to the rising fanaticism in Northern Nigeria as a result of you’ve invested a lot of the political capital in schemes that perpetuate ignorance and brainwashing. You have got devoted a lot of the assets within the area to funding sharia schemes, constructing mosques, sponsoring greater Hajj and lesser Hajj to Mecca, to Quranic indoctrination, paying imams, finance sharia courts when we now have state courts, to instituting sharia police when the state police are there, to giving monetary rewards to Christians who convert to Islam when your individuals are languishing in poverty and penury. As a substitute of putting in packages and schemes that present younger individuals with efficient schooling, create jobs and attracts individuals of all faiths and none to return and dwell and work peacefully within the area, you like to legalize discrimination and exclusion of non-Muslims.
Lots of you boast about how passionate you’re about Nigerian unity and the way you’re able to go to struggle once more to maintain Nigeria one. However in apply you’re able to sacrifice, that Nigerian unity on the altar on Islam or sharia legislation. Is it not a tragic factor?
A few of you haven’t disguised your hatred and disgust for these agitating for Biafra or different separatist teams that exist and function in Southern Nigeria. However you haven’t considered how your divisive, exclusivist, discriminatory Islamic politics in Northern Nigeria is fuelling these agitations. Can’t you see some causal connection between sharia agitation and Biafra agitation? You might be appropriate in considering that agitations for Biafra may result in the dismembering the nation, however you’re additionally contributing to dividing and disintegrating Nigeria by imposing sharia legislation on non muslims, by refusing to separate mosque and state, by privileging Islam and offering a social and political ambiance the place ‘muslim youths’ kill, maim, behead and hack to loss of life actual or imaginary infidels with impunity.  Look the difficulty just isn’t notably Nigerian unity however maintaining Nigeria united and addressing these points that give justification to separatist agitations and sentiments. That has been the primary problem as a result of the nation is already at struggle and one of many major causes for this struggle is Islamic fanaticism, which you politicians in Northern Nigeria have refused to sort out head on.
So in case you are keen about Nigeria’s unity then it’s good to confront the problem of Islamic extremism. You have to root out this drawback. I imply, how will you rightfully declare that you’re want the unity of this nation once you endorse that Nigerians who don’t profess Islam be handled as second-class residents within the identify of sharia implementation?
Inform me why I or anyone else would take your declare to maintaining Nigeria united significantly when you’re not dedicated to treating Nigerians of all faiths and none equally? How do you persuade us that you’re dedicated to Nigerian unity once you flip a blind eye when ‘Muslim youths’ rampage, assault and kill non Muslims for blasphemy, vandalize and burn down church buildings, slaughter those that are preaching or working towards different faiths or beliefs with impunity?

Sufficient of this apathy and indifference to acts of non secular hatred and intolerance. Sufficient of this discrimination and bloodletting in Northern Nigeria.


Kwara with the sobriquet, State of Concord, has remained one of many peaceable states within the nation. The state, with its capital in Ilorin, harbours numerous ethnic nationalities like Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba amongst others. And regardless of their spiritual inclinations, they’ve been dwelling collectively peacefully because the state was created in 1967.

This peaceable co-existence that exists within the state has equally made many individuals from all walks of life that got here to the state for one enterprise or the opposite to keep up everlasting residences, and thru their enterprise actions, additionally contribute to the financial growth of the state.

However latest occasions may need threatened all that as the 2 major religions within the state, Christianity and Islam, engaged in confrontation over problems with governance.

The Christians, below the aegis of Christian Affiliation of Nigeria (CAN), kick-started a debate over governance within the state with specific reference to the representations in each elective and appointive places of work, alleging that christians had been being marginalised within the daily working of the affairs of the state authorities.

The group at a press convention held in Ilorin not too long ago mentioned Christians would henceforth not take part within the Kwara State Committee for Spiritual Issues except its grieviances had been addressed by the suitable authorities.
The affiliation alleged that appointments at each stage within the state had been skewed in favour of Muslims.

The State Chairman of CAN, Rev James Folaranmi, on the press convention, threatened that inside the subsequent seven days, “if the requests weren’t attended to, different actions might comply with.”

Reeling out statistics to assist his allegation, the CAN chair alleged that “out of 146 key political appointments within the state, there are solely 29 Christians. The identical factor goes for the civil service fee. The chairman and his three different members are Muslims. Out of 21 everlasting secretaries, there are solely seven Christians.

“Even within the instructing service fee, that controls and regulates the whole lot pertaining to schooling – appointment, switch, promotion, etc- in faculties owned by voluntary companies together with Christian missions, there isn’t any Christian on board. The chairman, the secretary and the primary, second and third everlasting members are Muslims.

“And this state of affairs just isn’t because of the dearth of certified Christians for any of those positions. It goes with out saying that in state of affairs like this, admission might be biased towards Christians and that’s what our youngsters are at the moment going by.”
CAN additionally directed its members aspiring to embark on this 12 months’s Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem to show down sponsorship provide from the state authorities.
The affiliation additionally rejected the state authorities’s request to conduct the ceremonial service for this 12 months’s independence celebrations.

Different calls for by CAN embody rapid cease to what it known as the sinister agenda of marginalization of Christians both by design or connivance; a justifiable share of Christian chairmanship candidates within the October 26, 2013 native authorities election (the press convention was earlier than the election); a good illustration within the state government council and board appointments each at state and federal ranges; a cease to sinister agenda of marginalization of Christians within the civil service and deliberate denial of employment to Christian job seekers.

Others are using benefit within the appointment and posting of heads of government-owned faculties; depoliticisation of the Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board the place Muslims are deciding for the board and utilizing pilgrimage slot for political patronage, allocation of a Christian cemetery, a request that has been pending earlier than the state authorities since 2009.

Mentioned he: “Appointment of a Christian as Particular Adviser on Christian Affairs, Ethics and Ethical Points. The custom of perpetual appointment of a Muslim as Particular Assistant to the governor on Spiritual Affairs is not acceptable to us. That some curiosity teams whose contributions usually are not as main and or as delicate as that of CAN are being thought of to have particular advisers and assistants to authorities reveals that the Christian group is being taken as a right.


“Whereas it’s true that few Christians are in authorities, they’re inclined to being accused of being sentimental each time they argue for Christian curiosity, whereas a Muslim particular assistant has all the time been appointed.”

However, a non-governmental organisation within the state known as “Muslim Media Watch Group”(MMWG) in a response to CAN, faulted the allegation of marginalisation of Christians within the scheme of governance, urging them to not bask in any acts able to threatening the present peaceable co-existence within the state.
The Muslim Media Watch Group enjoined the management of CAN to show spiritual tolerance, maturity and objectivity in its method to points bordering on spiritual issues.

MMWG in a press release issued in Ilorin signed by its state Coordinator, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, described CAN’s allegations as “baseless, ill-conceived and smacks of non secular bigotry”.







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