Harvey Weinstein disguise fails at a Phoenix restaurant

With the scandal surrounding shamed media mogul, Harvey Weinstein, a lot of people have disassociated themselves from him. So to go to dinner, he had to wear a disguise. Thing is, people still recognized him.

Weinstein not only wore a disguise when he arrived at a Phoenix restaurant Thursday night with a male companion, he also requested for a private room. However the room at Chestnut restaurant was all glass so folks in the restaurant could see him sporting a blond wig, orange makeup and a baseball cap.

The cap had 2:24 inscribed on it. There is a 2:24 Bible verse that reads, “However God raised him from the useless, releasing him from the agony of demise, as a result of it was unattainable for demise to maintain its maintain on him.”

In all probability he was attempting to go a message throughout with the cap. Weinstein has been within the Phoenix space the place he accomplished a 1-week outpatient rehab program and was supposedly getting extra outpatient remedy.

Harvey Weinstein wears disguise at a Phoenix restaurant however folks acknowledge him (photograph)


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