Davido’s Bodyguard Throws Overzealous Fans Off Stage During His Performance In Namibia (Video)

Some of the overzealous fans of popular singer, Davido, were seen being thrown off the stage during his performance yesterday in Namibia.

Davido during his performance in Namibia 
Nigeria superstar musician, Davido, performed at a music fest in Namibia on Saturday night and his security guard had to step in to protect him after his fans went wild.
Not only were some people thrown off stage, but other security officials had to quickly step in to protect the singer after he was pulled by the very excited crowd.
Davido reportedly lost his shoes in the process.
Watch the videos below.


lol! No really s/o to the security, that he disnt want to interfere in the first place 😅😂 @iam_Davido could have ended up in Damara lokasi


😂😂😂 mans too tired and lost his shoes 🙆🏽‍♀️😅 Thank you @iam_Davido for the performance 💕@MTCNamibia

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