Check Out 10 Costly Mistakes University Students Make In Their First Year

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There are certain mistakes that many Nigerian university students make during their first year. These are some of those errors.

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Nothing is as interesting as freedom especially if you have been living with your parents all your life. This is why most freshers make certain mistakes in their first year. Always remember the reason you are in school – to study and obtain a degree.

As a rule, never allow yourself to be deceived by what you see on campus. Most of them aren’t real. This article will focus on the costly mistakes university students make in their first year.

As a matter of fact, most of the mistakes students make on campus are as a result of bad company. Therefore, the first rule of survival on campus is to choose your company wisely. And the friends you move with can either contribute to yourself or instrumental to your downfall.

Furthermore, if you make these mistakes in your first, they may affect you academically, physically, emotionally and psychologically. So, check out some of these mistakes University students make in their first year.

#1: Lack of Proper Guide

One of the mistakes University students make in their first year is that they don’t have proper guide. As a matter of fact, they behave as if they were the first people to get admitted.

Funny enough, some of them think once they see their name on the admission list, that is all. Unfortunately, this has led to the downfall of many students. Some end up dropping out of school.

As a rule, what every fresh student should do is to ask intelligent questions about their school, department, and other areas. Therefore, you need to be guided in the following areas as a fresh student;

Resumption date
Clearance date
Required documents
Updates on course registration
School fees payment deadline
Reading pattern
Structure of examination question
Marking scheme
How to avoid missing scripts or absent cases
Understanding how to cope with school stress.

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